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You’re a professional. You know what you’re doing, and you do it well. But you’re in the field most days and hardly have time to keep up with paperwork, much less think about a marketing plan to grow your business. That’s where Disco Dingo comes in. We work on your behalf to build a professional brand and help steer clients to your doorstep. Whether you need a social media marketing campaign, branding, proposal development, or a new website, Disco Dingo wants to help you win work! We work as an extension of your team and help identify project goals, assess your target audience, design promotions, and evaluate marketing performance.

Why Select Disco Dingo?

Disco Dingo is the ideal solution for businesses that are not ready for a full-time marketing director, but still need to keep work flowing into the pipeline. We want to serve as a member of your team and understand the company’s specialty, culture, and crew as if we are full-time employees working in your office. This helps us find your voice so we can promote your corporate values, services, and expertise.

Disco Dingo is a Member of Your Team.

The best partnerships happen when team members anticipate and plan for the needs of their directors before being asked. Disco Dingo is dedicated to building this type of professional relationship with you. We are a small company that works with a limited number of clients so we can remain available, participate in marketing meetings, and deliver sharp material that drive results. We are committed to quality marketing over quantity of clients; after all, we enjoy success as much as you do.

Disco Dingo Advertises Your Company.

At Disco Dingo, we understand it takes more than just your logo on a post to sell your product. As a marketing and advertising agency, it is our job to sell your company to consumers, so we make every post count. We design ads that promote your people, your products, and your services. We emphasize your company name, include your contact, and add a call to action. We advertise what you do, how you help, and why it matters.

Contact us today and let’s get rolling! (251) 377-3380 or [email protected].

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