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Wanting a new website is a lot like wanting a great burger, but you don’t know how to cook. Disco Dingo, your web developer, is like a chef that cooks at WordPress, the restaurant. Your website is the burger, widgets & plugins are the garnish, and page links are the fries. Prepared well, it is attractive, tasty, and makes you feel fat and happy at the end of your meal. That’s a good burger!


Chefs understand that a meal should be attractive as much as delicious. Long before they fire up the grill, they consider how food’s appearance will appeal to your appetite. Does the burger look juicy? Did it come on a clean plate? Is the bun fresh and the lettuce crisp?

Disco Dingo will design a clean, fresh looking site with a balance of attractive photos, graphics, and links. We have access to millions of stock photos & illustrations; can clean up many photographic blemishes; and add attractive links to social media pages, blogs, calendars, and outside articles.

Quality Content

Your burger sure is pretty on the plate, but ingredients count as much as appearances. Breaking from the metaphor for a moment, Disco Dingo will help you craft quality content that is clear and complete, so your audience learns what you want them to know about your company. Frequently, a subject matter expert (that’s you) understands your specialty so well that you struggle to speak in layman’s terms. Disco Dingo helps clarify your technical content and processes, so readers understand what your company is made of – your service and expertise. Your ingredients.

Orderly Layout

Diners expect a burger, fries, and garnish to be served with order on the plate. Who would be satisfied with their fries between two buns, a chopped-up burger in a bowl, and a salad in place of a lettuce leaf and tomato slice? It’s enough to make you lose your appetite and leave the restaurant disappointed.

Building an orderly website takes a bit more work than assembling a burger, but your objective is the same – present an appealing site that invites your reader to dive in! Disco Dingo will work with you to determine the best layout for your site. Common expectations include Home, About, Service, and Contact pages. Drilling down from these “parent” pages takes a bit more planning and we can help you map a layout that will invite readers to drill directly to material you want them to read – information they need to know.


Like a restaurant that furnishes the dining room, kitchen, and food, WordPress offers everything you need to create a great experience. To date, WordPress powers nearly 23% of all websites on the internet. Like the finest restaurants, it uses durable and reliable equipment. Briefly, WordPress:

  • Supports different platforms such as social media, YouTube, and Soundcloud
  • Offers thousands of themes (layouts), many for free
  • Thousands of plugins available to customize themes and enhance functions such as forms, social media links, SEO optimization, and analytics
  • Search engine friendly but can be enhanced with additional SEO plugins
  • Uses Securri to monitor security threats

More Good News!

So that restaurant where you ate that amazing burger? You own it! Sure, the chef has a key and is paid to create a set menu, but you can go in whenever you want and cook up whatever your heart desires.

You Own Your Website. 

You may hire Disco Dingo to create and manage a set menu, but you can update information anytime you see fit. Want to cook up something delicious, but don’t have the recipe? Just call the chef, Disco Dingo, and we’ll tell you how to make it. From posting blogs to adding new employee profiles, we have the recipe for your success.

Call today and let’s get cookin’!

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